Suzannah Chua

author by choice, illustrator by chance, educator by destiny

Suzannah Chua is an author-educator with a passion for books. In August 2016, she published her first picture book, One Man and His Life. Find out more about her authorhood journey and upcoming works below. Her books are all self-illustrated, with a style influenced by her unique reading diet and exposure to creative arts.

At the foundation of her passion for books and stories is Suzannah’s interest in bridging gaps and building communities in the local writing industry. As such, she has organized events which promote and bring together communities of authors, musicians and other related professionals through cosy networking sessions, such as Book Date. Find out more below.


Since my childhood, I have always wanted to be an author and used to spend hours making books out of scrap paper when I was little. Surprisingly, when I set out to write my first book, it was not with the intention of publishing a book. Rather, it was a passion project born of a desire to help my students remember Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

My directive intention when I write for my own projects is creative expression. For that reason, all my books are passion projects. That was also the guiding principle which helped me make the decision to self-publish One Man and His Life in August 2016. Self-publishing has been a special journey with its ups and downs, but no regrets. Every day is an adventure, and where this journey heads remains to be seen!

One Man and His Life, affectionately known among my readers as One Man, is currently in Kinokuniya and my home library. To purchase my book, reach me through my contact page and I’ll be in touch.


My journey in illustrating was accidental and started when I could not find a suitable illustrator for One Man and His Life. It scared the life out of me…but it also started me on a journey of discovery and creating. I’ve never looked back. Browse my work on instagram.


Nothing brings me more joy that helping two pathways intersect and watching the beautiful things that happen when they do. Collaborating brings synergy, and synergy brings new ideas, and new ideas are often fresh and helpful.

For that reason, I ran two writers’ networking events called Book Date. Whether they grow to become an annual event or morph, remains to be seen. Take a look at some of my favourite memories from Book Date.

If you would like to collaborate on a project, drop me a line. I’m always keen to connect and work on new ideas with new communities!


My love for books doesn’t end with writing. I also partner organisations such as Singapore Book Council and National Heritage Board to conduct storytelling sessions with children. With years of experience and training in Early Childhood Education, my sessions target preschool and early primary, and bring storytelling to a new level by incorporating music, hands-on engagement and interaction.

Need a storyteller? I’ll craft a session to suit your event.


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